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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Season 3 (1998)

It's a day for celebration when Sabrina finally receives notice that she has earned her Witches License. Before the Other Realm ceremony the next day, however, she has a few mortal concerns with which to deal. First, Mr. Kraft has assigned her to pick the theme for the school dance. Second, Harvey and Dashiell are pressuring her to choose between them once and for all. Promised that her license will bring her all the knowledge in the universe, Sabrina puts off her decisions and attends her party in the Other Realm. She is presented with her license, but Hilda and Zelda explain there's a catch. Before she can use it, she must uncover her family secret, and family members will be visiting her periodically to act as her guides. Sabrina is desperate to solve her romantic dilemma, so she turns to her magic book for a spell that will reveal her heart's desire. The next day, Harvey and Dashiell come to school dressed as cowboys and ready for a showdown. In the midst of their dueling for ...